Thursday, February 10, 2011

Screen Actor's Guild - Not just an award's show

Heading to a SAG (Screen Actor's Guild) workshop tonight. For those who don't know, SAG is an American labor union representing over 200,000 film and television principal performers and background performers worldwide.

If you want good actors for your film, you have to go through SAG. Yes, you can find good non-union actors now and again, but overall, SAG is where it's at. And with SAG comes a lot of paperwork, and rules and regulations that I'm going to need to know like the back of my hand.

This implies anything from how long an actor can work, whether or not they get a trailer, first class flight or coach, etc, do they get paid for days off between shoot days, etc.

Because I'm dealing with such a small budget, it's important that I know exactly what I'm going to pay and when I need to pay it. Can't have any hidden fees popping up on me in any department (they always do). Thus, the importance of the SAG workshop tonight, which is a free 2 hour class that goes through everything I'll need to know to get actors.

Let's hope I learn a thing or two.

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