Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Step Closer to Location

There are two big locations that I'm trying desperately to get. I've taken a great step towards one of them today thanks to some great work from my location manager. The script calls for a concert scene and at this location, a few scenes will need to be shot. The setup of the show, the actual show, the crowd boogeying down, and finally, the agent speaking to one of the members of the band.

Let's just say it's not easy to get a place like that for cheap. Using some of my location managers connections, she's put me in touch with someone who can get the deal made. She said it was a good possibility that we could shoot there on two conditions:

1. We shoot on a slow week night at the restaurant. Therefore, when I bring my cast of anywhere between 20 and 50 people, my crew will be spending money on alcohol and food and having a good time during the show. Thus, the restaurant will stand to make a profit on a slow night.

2. The head honcho at the restaurant needs to like the band's music.

I've sent them a link to the music of Allah Las and told them the date we'd like to shoot (Allah Las goes on tour mid April, so we have to shoot before that).

My fate lies in the hands of the musical talent of Allah Las. Keep your fingers crossed, boys and girls.

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