Friday, February 11, 2011

SAG...Round 2

Getting to sit in the James Cagney Room at the Screen Actor's Guild was quite a luxury. The workshop, however, was not. Yes, they were informative, and yes they answered as many questions as possible before we got kicked out of the Cagney Room.

But you know what? When they happily tell you that their motto is "Easy to work with, tough to fight," my initial reaction was WTF.

I fully understand the whole concept behind SAG, but I just wish they didn't take all your money and sing Tra La La the whole time they did it.

Nevertheless, the workshop is a useful tool to realize just how much bullshit goes into legally filming a short, a feature, or anything new media.

My condolences to anyone like myself who for some reason, feels obligated to play by the rules.

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