Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ready for Readers

I’m all about blessings in disguise.

It’s been pure Hell trying to get to Madrid, Spain. From trying to close up loose ends on the job front to getting delayed four hours at Washington/Dulles International Airport, things were getting tough. Not as tough as William Shatner's plane moment though.

I was looking forward to having 13 hours to myself to read and write. And as passengers of United Flight 4963 started bickering at the staff, I was busy revising my first draft, with Danny Elfman’s “Sleepy Hollow” soundtrack zoning out the mayhem. Instead of 13 hours, I had more like 17.

I can happily say the script is ready to go out to my first round of readers as soon as I return to the United States. Those extra hours were indeed, a blessing. But first, a little celebrating in Spain.

Can’t wait to get feedback from the ones I trust. Sometimes there’s compliments, and sometimes there’s criticism. Either way, I look forward to their insight to make the script better.

Time for a little quiet, reading. Erik Larson’s “Devil in the White City.”
This was written on the plane, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily, no Gremlins were spotted.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Madrid Macabre

Thought you all would enjoy a nice little story from Madrid. Amidst the crowded streets of downtown, my friends and I tried to navigate through the busy pedestrian traffic, heading towards the Plaza Mayor.

In a smaller, less crowded alley, there were two ugly masks.Of course, being a lover for all things creepy, I had to take a picture of it. Other people were looking at it as well, wondering why there were two masks just sitting on a table. There was no one looking for money with the masks, or no cup to put money into...simply two masks on a table.

Many people looked, but I was the only one who took a picture. Afterwards, I started walking down the alley and I felt like people were looking at me and I couldn't understand why. A few steps more, and then I was convinced, everyone WAS staring at me.
My first thought was, "What, you've never seen an American before?" But in actuality, they had probably never seen an American walking down an alley with a gigantic person in one of the masks stalking me from behind with a gigantic axe in his hand, looming over my head.

Yes, I did indeed tip the monster. He must have followed me for about 30 paces, and I was oblivious!

I naturally did the only thing I could...tipped him and then changed my underwear.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Madrid, Spain

Heading to Spain first thing tomorrow morning. That's a lot of travel time to focus on the script. Can't wait.

Talk soon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


There's a fine balance between religion and folklore in "The Devil's Forest." The female lead carries a cross around her neck at all the times, and frequently goes to church as well. Although her life is surrounded by Mexican folklore, she is firmly based in Christianity.

Been recently searching for the perfect church she would go to every Sunday. As the character lives in a run down area of Los Angeles, I want the church to have the same feel. It might be a little shabby, and dirty, and not the typical structure of an average church across the nation, but at the same time, to the female lead, it still feels like home to her.

In my search for these type of churches, I took a couple quick photos of a few. Most of them were done with my blackberry while driving so they aren't the best quality. If anyone knows of any of these types of churches, please let me know.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Abandoned House Dilemma

The abandoned house that I really love is having difficulties coming into fruition. It's actually on California State Park land, and dealing with that is never easy.

First off, the house has been deemed hazardous, meaning they won't let anyone go in there for safety purposes. Although no one will be falling through any floors or anything like that, they say it's unsafe and therefore you are not allowed to shoot interiors there.

Frankly, it's a whole lot of bullshit.

They still might be able to allow me to do Exterior shots of the abandoned house but here's the catch. After purchasing a permit, I also have to pay a Ranger to sit on his butt and watch us operate to ensure we don't harm the land. Rangers make a solid $79 bucks an hour to simply observe. Anyone interested in a new profession?

It's a total drag because I love the inside of that house, but at the same time, this could be a blessing in disguise. Maybe I find another old, creepy house that's far superior to this one.

My location manager had me look up an old, abandoned motel that could be very fun to work with that's not too far away. Time will tell.