Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ready for Readers

I’m all about blessings in disguise.

It’s been pure Hell trying to get to Madrid, Spain. From trying to close up loose ends on the job front to getting delayed four hours at Washington/Dulles International Airport, things were getting tough. Not as tough as William Shatner's plane moment though.

I was looking forward to having 13 hours to myself to read and write. And as passengers of United Flight 4963 started bickering at the staff, I was busy revising my first draft, with Danny Elfman’s “Sleepy Hollow” soundtrack zoning out the mayhem. Instead of 13 hours, I had more like 17.

I can happily say the script is ready to go out to my first round of readers as soon as I return to the United States. Those extra hours were indeed, a blessing. But first, a little celebrating in Spain.

Can’t wait to get feedback from the ones I trust. Sometimes there’s compliments, and sometimes there’s criticism. Either way, I look forward to their insight to make the script better.

Time for a little quiet, reading. Erik Larson’s “Devil in the White City.”
This was written on the plane, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily, no Gremlins were spotted.


  1. Congrats on having it ready for Round 1. Nice place to be to celebrate! Interested to hear what you think of White City - it's been sitting on my bookcase for some time now...

  2. I loved Devil in the White City! Great, great book - although some parts where he describes every detail of the World's Fair planning and production is a little boring and like "I don't care". But all the stuff about H.H. Holmes was very interesting to read.

  3. The book is awesome. It reads like a novel. Definitely recommend it.

  4. "Luckily no Gremlins spotted."
    Are you kidding me, you would have jumped for Joy and pinched yourself if you saw gremlins...