Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Back

Sometimes I find myself wondering, "Am I really going to make this movie?" I've been away from the blogging for quite some time now, and have received numerous complaints from people.

Well, I'm back, and yes I'm definitely going to make this movie. Perhaps it won't meet the beauty and grace of the beloved "Wrong Turn" franchise, but damnit, I'm gonna have a go at it regardless. All I can say is, watch out Dushku, Boogeyman 3, Saw 75, The Grudge 40, Final Destination 3D times 50, and Chucky reboot (actually I'm always okay with another Chucky movie). Watch out.

The script continues to go through mini rewrites. I'll be getting "The Devil's Playpen" to multiple producers and fellow writers this week. From my perspective, each of these readers will see things from different angles than I'm used to seeing. The script could get the shit kicked out of it this week, but in the end, all criticism can only make "The Devil's Playpen" better.

Let me close this post with a scene from The Shining. I know all writer's have felt like this at some time or another. Jack Nicholson is our voice, for now and forever.

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