Monday, November 8, 2010

The Madrid Macabre

Thought you all would enjoy a nice little story from Madrid. Amidst the crowded streets of downtown, my friends and I tried to navigate through the busy pedestrian traffic, heading towards the Plaza Mayor.

In a smaller, less crowded alley, there were two ugly masks.Of course, being a lover for all things creepy, I had to take a picture of it. Other people were looking at it as well, wondering why there were two masks just sitting on a table. There was no one looking for money with the masks, or no cup to put money into...simply two masks on a table.

Many people looked, but I was the only one who took a picture. Afterwards, I started walking down the alley and I felt like people were looking at me and I couldn't understand why. A few steps more, and then I was convinced, everyone WAS staring at me.
My first thought was, "What, you've never seen an American before?" But in actuality, they had probably never seen an American walking down an alley with a gigantic person in one of the masks stalking me from behind with a gigantic axe in his hand, looming over my head.

Yes, I did indeed tip the monster. He must have followed me for about 30 paces, and I was oblivious!

I naturally did the only thing I could...tipped him and then changed my underwear.

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