Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Special Thanks

A few months ago, I went to Max Leitman, COO of Bandito Brothers. I wanted his advice on a project called "The Long Corridor," which was a short film I wrote. For me it wasn't about the money. This was a story I felt needed to be told and it was important to me to get it made.

Looking for Max's help, his reply was brief, and went something like this:

Max: It's a short film?
Shaun: Yes.
Max: There's no money in short films. How much are you going to spend?
Shaun: Maybe $20,000.
Max: Why don't you just write a longer story and make a full length feature for like $40,000?
Shaun: Max, that doesn't help. This short film is a story I really want to tell. It's important.
Max: Eh.

Leaving his office, my first thought was, "Man, he just doesn't get it." Turns out...he understood completely.

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