Monday, September 27, 2010

A Different World

Thanks to Ramsay Potts and friends for showing me some incredible locations. It was a completely different world that he took me to compared to the Hollywood life. His "township" (that's what he calls it), reminds me of small towns In New Hampshire: one long main street, and the town center that you drive through and say to yourself, "Was that it?" The only difference is a lack of hotels and gas stations.

It's a tight knit community with a past, worth experiencing. No, it's certainly not a place for everybody, but in the world of horror, it definitely has its charms. Abandoned houses, unfinished castles, old cabins, undeveloped land to get lost in, no street's perfect for my film.

After looking at locations all day Saturday, I didn't want to write so much. Instead, I was ready to begin filming. Can't wait to really get this shoot going.

Amazing location pics to follow...

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