Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Creative Restrictions

The writing process has been a lot more difficult than I'm used to. Perhaps it's "Resistance" that author Steven Pressfield so frequently writes about ("The War of Art"). Whether it's the day job and its current office move, or the laziness inside that would just rather watch old horror movies (Previous saboteurs include "Pet Sematary" and "Christine"), there always seems to be something standing in an author's way.

My current state of mind feels like it's not so much the "Resistance" as it is, budgetary constraints. One of the first things you're told as a screenwriter (besides the obvious "show, don't tell" cliche), is to never limit yourself. Do not worry about things a producer should worry about. Who cares how expensive it is to shoot a scene on Planet Mars with 500,000 intergalactic space aliens? Who cares how expensive it is to shoot a scene at the top of the Empire State Building? With writing comes freedom...supposedly. Nevertheless, I feel myself creating a script around locations and situations I know I can get for a cheap price. The freedom of the writer's creative ideas instantly evaporates when you become the producer. The struggle between the creative side and the business side continues.

Nevertheless, I will write on.

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